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Virtual Worlds Timeline:Who is Bruce (Damer) virtual worlds pioneer (Jan 2012)

Who is Bruce is a short visual portfolio about Bruce Damer, his projects and life. See projects including Cyberwearz fashion, Weird Machines artwork, pioneering virtual worlds and avatars work, NASA mission visualization and design, the EvoGrid and life at Ancient Oaks Farm and the DigiBarn Computer Museum. From Bruce: this piece is used in my "Beyond 2012" performances during this, my fiftieth year on the planet.

Great thanks go out to Dhiren Dasu for producing the soundtrack and to a number of photographers including wife and partner Galen Brandt and friend Reno deCaro. Numerous supporters of these projects must also be thanking including NASA, Elixir Technologies and the Friends of the DigiBarn.

Final master: January 15, 2012, first presented at Nature Friends Retreat, Sierra Madre, CA, January 28, 2012, web release: January 31, 2012.

More on Bruce at:

Run time 7 minutes 32 seconds
Producer Bruce Damer, Galen Brandt
Audio/Visual sound, color


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